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Why Should Use Virtuemart One Page Checkout To Reduce Cart Abandonment?


According to report by Baymard Institute, the average abandonment rate is 67.91%. It means that nearly 68 out of 100 online shoppers will leave your site instead of completing their purchase. Many researches marked checkout process on the top of reasons that people abandon the shopping cart.

So, how can you reduce the abandonment rate? How can you solve the problem of checkout process? This today’s article will give you 5 things that you should pay attention with your checkout process and why Virtuemart One Page Checkout Extension will be your helpful assistant in order to build a perfect checkout.

  1. Make checkout mobile-friendly

Responsive design is pretty good for ecommerce website. But is your checkout page responsive? Responsive is great because it means that your site is optimized for mobile users. In the research last year, the number of traffic from mobile devices is accounted more than a half of total traffic. So, number of online shoppers whom complete transactions through mobile devices is increasingly day by day.

According to survey by Skava, there are 88% of Americans mobile shoppers experience negative issues, and 30% of which said never coming back after an undesirable User Experience. It also shows that the inconvenient checkout process is one of the biggest pain points. Therefore, you will have more chance to improve sales by optimizing your checkout process for mobile users.

Why this extension: this extension was designed with a fully responsive design, so it will ensure that your customers will have a great experience when checkout, no matter they are shopping on desktop or mobile.

  1. Use a progress indicator

Normally, there are several forms and information that need to be entering during checkout process. We should inform customers about where they are in process because frustration can set in if the customer thinks that the process is taking too long. The progress indicator bar will help customers clearly see the path towards completion and then leads them through on the purchase. And the same experience will be happen with mobile users.

Why this extension: with this product, you can completely remove the worry about the issue about. As its name: One Page Checkout for Virtuemart, this extension will help customers can complete checkout in just only one page. They can see all the informations that they need to fill up in a single page. Moreover, as I said above, this extension has a responsive design so mobile users will have good experience, too.

  1. Offering various payment options

Customers are probably use different method of payment. So, make sure you are allowing them to use multiple payment options. Someone wants to use Paypal to make a purchase, but another like to use credits card… Providing and allowing them to choose their preferred payment methods is the best solution in this case.

Why this extension: this one page checkout extension allows using multiple payment methods. It will bring convenience to your customers.

  1. Providing guest checkout option

Requiring customer to login or create an account in order to continue is one of the biggest mistakes that online retailers make. This is a major friction point that may increase abandonment cart rates. Not all customers are interested in creating and account, many people just need to buy product quickly as possible. In fact, at least 30% of customers were confirmed that they will drop their carts if they are forced to create an account. So, providing ‘checkout as guest’ option is a way to increase conversion rates.

Why this extension: One of the biggest benefits of one-page checkout is the option for guest checkout. This is useful with people simply want to visit the site as a “guest” and make their purchase anonymously. It will help shoppers to complete their purchase easily and quickly.

  1. Ask customer for the most essential informations

The long checkout process in general, in particular having too many forms is the frustration of many online shoppers. In fact, generally speaking, the less you ask for, the more they will be likely to buy.

Why this extension: this is a professional checkout extension for Virtuemart, so it allows you to choose the forms what you want to ask customers. With a new advanced visual editor, you can freely to build and customize your checkout page with drag & drop the elements.


Shopping cart abandonment directly influences the revenues of ecommerce businesses. The lion’s share of the blame falls directly into the checkout process. The One Page Checkout for Virtuemart was developed to solve these checkout issues. You can find more info about this awesome extension by clicking the link below: