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Using Virtuemart Search Module to Improve Site Search Experience


Have you ever heard the 80/20 rule or Pareto principle? That’s a proven rule in business and ecommerce as well. The 80/20 rule also right in ecommerce site search, the fact is consumers who use site search function will produce more revenue than those who not.

The study shows that when consumers visit an ecommerce website, 43% of them head straight for the search bar, it means that nearly a half of ecommerce shoppers like to use search function. Moreover, there are many researchs which show that the shoppers who use search function will have 4.8x times more likely to make a purchase and they also have 8% higher in average order value.

So, according to 80/20 rule, 20% of all shoppers will account for 80% of total revenue. Here are some statistics about the 80/20 rule of ecommerce search by industry:

  • IT sector: 12% of shoppers use site search, they account for 41% of total revenue and their average order value is 29% higher.
  • Fashion: 11% of shoppers use site search, they account for 20% of total revenue and their average order value is 7% higher.
  • Cosmetics: 8% of shopper use site search, they account for 25% of total revenue, their average order value is 13% higher.

The info above has proved that search function of ecommerce website has a great impact to the business and all ecommerce businesses should take care and improve their search function of their stores.

So how can we improve the search experience of a Virtuemart website?

There are 2 things that we should consider about search feature of Virtuemart website, they are speed and convenience.

Improving speed of search is a greate way to enhance the search experience. Turning site search into a real time personal shopper isn’t just a nice enhancement for shoppers. It’s also a competitive advantage for retailers, who experience dramatically increased ecommerce metrics.

About the convenience when searching, providing a visual look of search is a big point. In fact, instantly responding with rich product visuals to visitors as they type into the search box can impact conversion rates. The visual is worth more than a thousand text results in search. They tap into the consumer’s imagination and put them one-click closer to the products they want. Visuals also plant a seed in the consumer’s mind and encourage them to discover more merchandise.

What is the best solution to improve Virtuemart search function?

If you are a Virtuemart website owner, you are looking for a solution to enhance your site search experience. Let’s use Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module.

That’s a Virtuemart extension which created to replace the default search feature by an optimized search function. It allows your customers can search for product easily and quickly. When users type 3 characters of keyword, the search results will be displayed immediately in a dropdown list with a visual look of results. They can see search results with image of product, name, price and short description. By this way, users can easily to choose the product that they are searching for with higher accuracy. As I had mentioned above, the visually in search will bring better experience.

Was developed based on Ajax technology, this Virtuemart search module will give customers the instantly results without need to reload page or go to ‘Search result’ page. It will help to improve the speed.

Moreover, not only provides good search experience for users, this virtuemart search module is also very easy to install and set-up with store owners, they can freely to choose and set-up the search feature with many options in admin panel, for example, administrator can setup the number of search results which will display in dropdown list. You can see more details at: