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Useful Hints to Simplify Your Ecommerce Website


Today, website designers are always interested in the issue of improving the user experience. Few years ago, websites often have elaborate designs. But now, everything has changed, minimalism and simplicity in design is the trend that consumers love.

A simplicity site allows visitors can use and find information easily. Moreover, simplicity also helps the speed of the site is improved significantly, means that improve user experience also.

With an ecommerce website, the performance and user experience are very important. There is a fact that a simpler site will lead to more conversions and make you more money. So, in this article, we will learn about 7 ways that you can use to simplify your ecommerce site and increase the conversion rates.

#1 Allow checkout without accounts

Believe or not, forcing customers to create an account before continue checkout is a really big obstacle in front of consumers when they want to buy anything. With some people, who want to buy product as quickly as possible, they tend to abandon the purchase when see the message “Create an account or log-in to checkout”.

Allow customers to checkout as guest is a solid solution. Instead of require your customers create an account before they making the purchase, you can give them an offer to create account after they completed their purchases. The simpler process wins at this time!

#2 Don’t drop the ball with site search/filtering

The search bar or filtering always helps your site simple to navigate, especially with the online store with a wide range of products. Far too often we see filtering tools hidden behind the homepage, or a search bar that’s halfway down the homepage. What’s the point of these if they aren’t going to help users from the second they land on the homepage? The same goes for navigation and categories.

Read this article if you want to know what are the essential things for search function of an e-commerce site.

#3 Highlight customer service and contact options more than you’d expect

Normally, footer of website is a place where we put the contact and support information. But the question is: How many people actually scroll down there when they have a question or need the support?

Will be more effective if you generate a small module at the top of the site and display the information like phone numbers, email addresse, etc… So, the good web design should highlight customer service and contact options, it will help visitors easily to get the info of you.

#4 Fix the checkout and cut out junk

There are many studies show that a one step checkout process is a very effective way for ecommerce website. But, still have many online stores that force customers to walk through more steps to complete purchase. The longer checkout process will bring higher abandonment rates, so we need to minimize the clutter and reduce amounts of steps as customers try to pay for products.

The key solution is we need to fit all informations in a single page.  The information needs to display together, so the 2 column layout is a useful in this situation, it will help consolidate customer confidence when making a payment.

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#5 Overpower product pages with clean detail and stunning media

The product page is where customers read the information of your products, it also where they make a decision to buy or not. That’s why we need to have a product page with clean formatting, with limited fluff in the textual part of your product pages.

The product page with the images, videos will bring more impression to consumers. But we should do that as professional as possible. Images require a professional touch, and don’t even think about only putting one image, or an image without a zooming feature. Use product videos by the most professional way.

#6 Create an easily modifiable shopping cart

Shopping cart is a very important element with every ecommerce website. A good shopping cart design will be helpful to reduce cart abandonment.

We should create a shopping cart which allows users can modify the contents from a single page, without having to go jump through hoops to get exactly what they want. You can read more about how to create the best shopping cart for ecommerce website.

#7 Skip the pizazz, and highlight what people come for

When an online shopper wants to buy something, they will go to an online store and searching for the items that they want. In some websites, they highlight email subscription forms, social media buttons and blog post thumbnails or something like that. This is good, however if use this unreasonable, it will lead to distractions away the main purpose of the customers: buying products.

So, the homepage of ecommerce website should clear out the clutter, and place all focus on the items in the store. We can use a banner with a promotion or new item announcement. But, put everything in terms of social media, blog posts and other complementary information in the other pages.


Source @creativebloq.com