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Improve Virtuemart Search with Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module


VirtueMart Search functions are all about helping you organize, sort out and manage the products in much more approachable and friendly way. These operations are especially useful if you have great amount of entities listed at your webshop. This functionality contributes greatly to the possibility to quickly find the products you need to edit, review or update. This way you ...

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Top 3 Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions on CMSMART MarketPlace


Virtuemart allows you to sell products, services and website subscriptions online. The main reasons that make Virtuemart to be a popular solution for online stores are its Performance, Usability and Security. However, if you want your ecommerce website to work well and bring more profits. We also need to consider Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart of your website. If your website have a ...

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Do Virtuemart Optimization with Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension


VirtueMart covers all the aspects of e-commerce in an easy-to-use fashion and allows administrators to configure the various factors such as those of the shop, selling workflow, payment, products, and more. It also has many other features, which include managing customers and orders, so that every aspect of the shop is handled on-line for your comfort. How to do Virtuemart ...

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Upgrade your Virtuemart Shopping Cart with Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension


VirtueMart is an open source shopping cart solution that integrates with Joomla. Joomla and VirtueMart are written in PHP and can be used in typical PHP/MySQL environments. VirtueMart supports an unlimited number of products and categories, with products able to be assigned to multiple categories. Therefore, more and more online stores needs to improve Virtuemart Shopping Cart for eCommerce website. Why ...

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4 Top VirtueMart Shipping Components


Virtuemart offers a range of choices for owners when it comes to shipment extensions. This article will review the top 4 Virtuemart shipping components that are simple, easy-to-use and work excellently. 1/ Shipping by rules Shipping by rules is developed by Open Tools, which you can access its demo at http://demo.open-tools.net. Shipping by rules is an simple and easy-to-use extension ...

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Jason Virtuemart Downloadable Product Extension


Are you looking for an online store to sell downloadable products by Virtuemart website? Now our Jason Virtuemart Downloadable Product Extension is your best choice. It easily helps you sell many kinds of downloadable products, and provides a download link with a purchased product after successfully payment. We are totally sure that the download link in email will keep security ...

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Strong Features of Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension


Are you being disturbed by the default cart because it doesn’t allow your customers to check cart directly during shopping process?. Now nothing can make you feel disturbed anymore, because our Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension is here to help you chase away all annoyed issues during shopping process by its powerful features mentioned as below:

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Virtuemart extensions for showing product reviews


Any shop-owners always want to know the customers’ judgement for their products, therfore, many Virtuemart website-admins spend lots of time finding every internet corner for such convenient Virtuemart product reviews extension  as a perfect solution to help buyers give reviews and rating for any favored items. Let’s have a look at some suggested Virtuemart product reviews extension available on the market ...

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