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Solidres Full Packag

[​IMG] Solidres is a hotel booking extension for Joomla! CMS
+ One page reservation form
+ Flexible tariff configuration
+ Multilingual with Falang integration
+ Availability calendar

+ Easy media management with drag & drop re-ordering
+ Multiple currencies
+ Custom fields
+ Coupon
+ Tax supports
+ Extra items can be configured as mandatory and charged per booking or per room.
+ Google Map integrated
+ Built-in Simple gallery
+ Built-in payment methods: Pay Later and Bank Wire
+ Easy to modify email templates
+ Responsive layout
+ MVC Joomla coding standard
+ Backend drag and drop ordering

For more details and screenshots you can visit our Feature Highlights page.
For reporting bug or requesting feature or any questions you may have when using Solidres, please contact us via our website.

INFO: http://bloorum.com/

DOWNLOAD:  http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/YPKB65FU/Solidres_Full_Package_v0.6.2.zip_links