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[IMG]Free Content-Plugin to create a simple image gallery based on ‘prettyPhoto(x)’ display engine (a jQuery lightbox clone). Images from folders or directly inserted into the content/article can be processed with automatic thumbnail generation.
* supports jpg, png and gif images

* automatic thumbnail generation and smart caching for better site performance
* processing of manual inserted *images* as well as all images in *folders*
* in *folders* option to include subfolders and to use file-filters
* settings for thumbnail width, height, crop to square, quality, padding, vertical and horizontal alignment
* different layout options for the thumbnail appearance
* optional Logo/Watermark for thumbnails with different positions
* parameter inline overrides for custom settings per gallery
* captions and image descriptions can be assigned either via text-file for images in *folders* or by ‘alt’/’title’-attribute in img-tag
* display caption for thumbnails (above, below or on the thumbnail-optional)
* limit the number of thumbs to be shown in content/article (all will be displayed in the ‘prettyPhoto’ lightbox)
* custom global description text (per gallery for all images-optional)
* custom link popup text for all links (optional)
* thumbnails only-mode (no ‘prettyPhoto’ lightbox is used, just the thumbs are displayed)
* prettyPhoto only (stand-alone, no thumbnail will be generated)
* individual inline parameter overrides for all ‘prettyPhoto’ parameters
* plugin keyword free selectable for easier conversion from previous used galleries
* jQuery ‘no conflict’ mode (optional, if problems occur with other js-libraries)
* css class-suffix handling
* valid xhtml

Info: joomla.org
Download: http://bloorum.com/threads/ppgallery_pluginj.2063/