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OnePage Design It is an extension for Joomla! 2.5

[​IMG] Fixed bugs occured when using template “Protostar” (RC)
+ Add Preloader (Beta3)
+ Improve the template view (Beta3)
+ Improve control of Contact Form (Beta2)
– Fixed style bug of Tab element (Beta2)
– Fixed display bugs occured in using Template.
– Fixed bugs that Articles Element can’t not use Embeded function.
+ Do some template optimization.
+ Add a new Navigation template – Transparent Bar
+ Add scrollspy effect in navigation bar and side menu.
– Fixed minor bugs

OnePage Design builds pages based on Twitter Bootstrap3 Framework and other useful plugins. It’s responsive which means mobile-friendly.

OnePage Design mainly focues on “A Real Landing Page” which is ready-to-use, but you can use it to prototype. All depends on you!

In V1.4, user can prototype the layout faster, more directly than before.
User can create effects like background image, also create carousel, thumbnails, gmap and contact form easily. You can visit our demo page to get more information!
More components and items will be released later.

In ver. 1.4, user can upload JQuery plugins and stylesheets(theme) to OnePage in order to implementing effects they want.

Info: joomla.org
Download: http://bloorum.com/threads/onepage-design-it-is-an-extension-for-joomla-2-5.2079/