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MyBuys Personalization Extension for magento

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MyBuys Personalization Extension For Enterprise & Community
MyBuys provides coordinated personalization solutions for display ads, email and websites to retailers, brands and agencies.
We automate and deliver billions of targeted offers each day using our Active Shopper Database comprised of the behaviors and purchase intent of 250 million consumers. Today, 83 of the Internet Retailer Top 500 trust MyBuys for customer acquisition, conversion, retargeting and reactivation. MyBuys has been named the top provider of personalization solutions to the IR500 every year since 2009, and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Ann Arbor, New York and London. Visit www.mybuys.com for more information.

Online retailers use MyBuys to increase: • Overall online revenue 5-20%
• Average order value 10-25%
• Conversion rate 100%
• Revenue per email 9x
• Reach 16x
• 3x Lifetime Value

MyBuys Coordinated Personalization Solutions Include:
MyAds has three personalization solutions to tailor effective display advertising for each point in the shopper lifecycle.
• Acquisition uses the Active Shopper Database to deliver guaranteed new-to-file customers.
• Retargeting finds consumers who browsed but didn’t buy and brings them back to a site.
• Reactivation re-engages dormant shoppers to get them to buy again.

MyMail has two different services, one that proactively creates and sends email to consumers, and one that adds personalization to all emails sent by a MyBuys client.
• Alerts get created, personalized and delivered automatically by MyBuys based on triggers that include abandoned site, abandoned cart, new product introduction, product price changes, inventory drops, …
• Recommendations adds personalization to every promotional email message, newsletter, order confirmation & shipping notification.

MySite Recommendations adds personalized products throughout the website on pages that include the product detail page, category page, home page, shopping cart, and search results.

MyBuys Personalization Extension for Magento Details
• 90% faster implementation of MyBuys through the Personalization Extension for Magento
• Seamless data feed integration from Magento to MyBuys, including category, product, SKU, and transaction feeds
• One step coding of your entire e-commerce site with MyBuys script and code
• Customizable web recommendation zones on your site
• Easy-to-use interface from within the familiar Magento Admin Panel
• Setup Email Opt-in/Opt-out feeds if you use Magento to manage your email lists
• Manage your daily data feed schedule
• Alert sign-up button across all your product pages for turning visitors into subscribers
• Quickly add MyBuys specific scripts and code across your entire website
• Compatible with both Magento Enterprise and Community versions. Community versions 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8 and Enterprise versions 1.11, 1.11, 1.12, and 1.13 are supported.
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Info: magentocommecer.com
Free: http://bloorum.com/threads/mybuys-personalization-extension-for-magento.2130/