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Top 10 bad programming habits of programmers


Nothing is perfect and with the craft of programming, there will be thousands of bad habits will prevent you from becoming an actually great programmer. In this article, from the point of view of a long year experience developer, I will summarize the ten most common bad programming habits of programmers. Don’t need any help I believe that you will ...

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7 tips to improve Joomla website performance (part 2)


To continue with the tips to improve Joomla website performance, in the previous part, I had introduced how to use caching and .htaccess Optimization Rules, in this part, I will show you some other tips and hope you find it useful. Joomla Compression This is also an effective feature to optimize your website performance. When you enable this feature, the ...

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7 tips to improve Joomla website performance (part 1)


If you want to check the speed of your Joomla website, let’s start with speed test first. It can be said that site speed is one of the most important factors that affect directly a site performance. All your effort put into user-friendly interface, conversion rate optimization, high-quality content, and other things will not make sense if your page takes ...

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Analyzing the fall of Joomla market


There are three main reasons leading to the dramatically fall of Joomla market share, including: target audience, positioning and politics. Target audience When I started developing, I built two sites, one with WordPress and another with Joomla. With WordPress, sometimes, I found that I had to deal with some weird function and finally, I decided to stop  WordPress projects. The ...

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Ecommerce in 2016 and beyond: What you should know?


The state of the ecommerce industry 80% of internet users have shopping online at least once, and 50% of which do it more than once. 71% of all shoppers believed that they can find the better deals through an online store. The total number of American online shoppers is approximate 206 million in 2015 and it expected to exceed 215 ...

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One page checkout, reasons why to choose!


After summarizing the data and results collected from variety of research about one page checkout , we can conclude that the biggest reason why one page checkout is preferred more and more is the trend called Let’s ask for less and they will buy more. It means that when clients decide to buy your products, your task is simplify the ...

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The Anatomy of Good Category and Product Page


There is a fact that the design of your ecommerce website can impact your sales. When your customers visiting your site, they will browse and experience your site. If they have good experience, they will tend to make a purchase, and vice versa. This today’s article will help you synthesize the critical elements to build a good ecommerce website interface, ...

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Why Should Use Virtuemart One Page Checkout To Reduce Cart Abandonment?


According to report by Baymard Institute, the average abandonment rate is 67.91%. It means that nearly 68 out of 100 online shoppers will leave your site instead of completing their purchase. Many researches marked checkout process on the top of reasons that people abandon the shopping cart. So, how can you reduce the abandonment rate? How can you solve the ...

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