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Download free plugin jQuery for Joomla

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– Includes all jQuery, Migrate, Chosen and Easing available versions (see Options below).
– Includes all recent jQuery UI versions (with all Themes), plus custom fields for Custom jQuery UI files, for no limits.

– Replaces any jQuery library and jQuery plug-ins of the Joomla framework, with the ones you choose (seeNotes & Help for more info).
– Choose any jQuery library specific version, or load always the latest.
– Choose from various CDN sources, or use a local copy (for each one separately).
– All CDN sources included in the plugin, do have SSL available, are tested and are trustworthy.
– Choose where you want things loaded : Site Front End, Administrator, Both (or nowhere, for jQuery UI and plugins) for each one separately.
– All local files are minified (stored in the ‘media’ directory). CDN requests point to the minified respectively.
– CDN Fallback (to local) option for each CDN request (uses cURL) plus an option to send a custom useragentwith the requests.
– Uses Scheme Relative (protocol-less or protocol-relative) URLs for all CDN sources (no http/https conflicts).
– Migrate will Auto Load depending on the jQuery library version you use (and your settings).
– jQuery-noConflict will Auto Load with options and avoid conflicts with other JavaScript libraries such as MooTools when used alongside jQuery.
– Set a Custom jQuery library version and type (usually for development purposes).
– Set a Custom Domain (FQDN) for the website (more control over the domain that should be used).
– Set all your local URLs (of this plugin) to be Scheme RelativeAbsolute or Relative.
– When using Absolute Local URLs you can choose the Scheme to be the Current (Auto), http or https.
– Enable Hotlinking Protection in the media directory (advanced users).
– Uses the native Joomla Update system (You can upgrade to the latest version directly from your website).
– You can Check for update using the Joomla Update manager, or through the plugin.
– All fields are translatable through the Language Manager.

Info: joomla.org