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After few days of searching proper comments system for this site and after long waiting for DISQUS plugin for J! 2.5 from JoomlaWorks I’ve decided to make my own plugin. It was not very easy for someone, who never tried creating plugins for Joomla! CMS.


It is very simple plugin. Comments and comment form is triggered in K2 comments place. There is also comments counter on category page under each item and counter with link to comments in item’s toolbar.
Installation & administration:

1. Download plugin, go to your Joomla! extensions install page and install extension.

2. Go to extensions>plugins and click on ‘Disqus for K2’.

3. Enter your disqus shortname and enable plugin – Disqus shortname should be without spaces!

4. K2 component:

  • Be sure that you have comments enabled for everyone in K2 options
  • Enable K2 plugins on every category that you want have comments – if category inherit options from another category, enable K2 plugins on that parent category too
  • If you have menu item pointing to K2 article or category check if you haven’t disabled K2 plugins on menu page

5. Translation: disqus is translated for few languages only you can not translate plugin – plugin has only ONE string for translation “Disqus shortname” in backend.

6. For translate comments & reactions: In your disqus account settings disable 2012 functions, go to appearance tab and change strings into your language, after save enable 2012 functions.

7. Plugin can not work with some templates – when you followed all above steps and still no luck, ask for help in comments.

Info: http://bloorum.com/
DOWNLOAD: Disqus for K2 plugin – Joomla 1.7 – 2.5
Disqus for K2 plugin – Joomla 3.0