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Animate on hover

The module allows vertical/horizontal/both sliding or fading animation of an image gallery. On hovering, the image is slided/faded and a teaser text is displayed (title + text).
It supports multiple uses on the same page by defining a unique id for each module.
Module allows to define following settings:
* images folder (internal/external)
* max 20 images (fixed or randomize)
* gallery parameters: width, height, position (left or centered) and sliding effect (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, both Vertical/Horizontal per row, fade), image specific color target (background, title, teaser text or title & teaser)
* image parameters:title, teaser background color and text color, url link and target, image specific color
* tested on FF, IE, Safari, Google Chrome – XHTML 1.0 compliant.

Info: joomla.org
Download: http://bloorum.com/threads/animate-on-hover.1961/